Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Miracle?

The Fellow is a dog lover and it's taken all of my logic and allergies over the last three yeas to avoid getting a pet home. No, i'm not an unfeeling person, devoid of any love for man's best friend. I'm simply aware of the hu-uge responsibility that keeping a dog is - especially since i'm the one who will be at home most of the time to train, feed and ensure regular walks, no matter what time of the day. Of course the Fellow disagrees, but you and i both know he's delusional. 

Anyway. After 3 years of postponing what i knew in my heart to be the inevitable (i'm a nice wife like that), the universe decided to intervene. 

A few days back, the Fellow left the city for work and the in-laws and i went grocery shopping. Just another day it was turning out to be, except that when we returned home that evening, we had someone waiting for us outside our door - a golden retriever shaped someone. A 6 odd month old puppy, the poor thing was obviously lost and even more obviously super friendly. She happily came into the house and surveyed her new surroundings. She even hopped into the car and enjoyed the ride while i drove around informing the authorities who needed to know we had a lost dog in case someone came looking. 

It's been 3 days and no one has. 

What has happened is that we've given her a name. Millie (those of you well versed in Hindi will understand the appropriateness of this name, yes). We've also learned that it is not us who takes her for a walk. No. She takes us. And since we didn't want the skin rope-burned off our hands (with the makeshift leash), we've also gotten her a new collar and leash, one that makes controlling her super puppy strength and desire to run towards any other dog she sees, a lot easier. Of course, everything is made better by the fact that she seems to have gone through obedience school and is quite possibly the most friendly and trusting dog i've seen in a long time.

And so after three years of putting up a fight against having a dog, not only with the Fellow, but also his equally dog obsessed brother, the decision was suddenly taken out of my hands. There really was nothing else i could do you know.

The brotherinlaw is convinced it's a christmas miracle. I'm not sure whether he's talking about Millie or me. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For the Attention Deficit

Every day of the last week i've started writing here. And all i have to show for it is a bunch of drafts in various stages of neglect. Yes, i'm easily distracted like that. Also i like to believe i think faster than i can process or type. What? It's possible. It's also possible that i've gotten so used to microblogging (read: tweeting) that it takes more than a little effort to write in longer, more meaningful sentences. 

Anyway. I'm writing now. Not in chronological order: 

The inlaws arrived last week and with them, a cold wave has hit Pune. It's awesome weather now and i got to open the trunk with our woolens even. Of course, the parents can periodically be heard to  complain about the heat and turn the car ac on. But they're from Shimla. They're allowed this. 

I cooked chicken for the first time ever. Lemon Garlic Basil Chicken with bread. I'm guessing it was a success, this experiment, given the way the Fellow didn't stop for a breathe while wolfing the meal down. Yay for me! 

I got pretty pink fairy lights in my balcony. Also I'm having a love affair with fairy lights right now and have a feeling this might turn into a problem soon. 

Finally got around to putting up picture frames all over the house, including a poster of Sholay in the dining area. But several more have to be put up still and photos need to be changed in the existing ones. Sigh. 

Made a vow to always have some fresh flowers in the house. Last week it was yellow carnations. This week it's yellow zerberas. I think i'll make the yellow also a constant. Such a happy colour it is. [While typing this, 2 of the flowers committed suicide by way of their stems bending. So now i have 2 bowls with floating yellow joy]. 

Got my wardrobe all cleaned out and organised. Now i'm a little scared to touch anything in it. No really. 

I fit into my blouses again. I wasn't in June. It's a bloody big deal ok. Now i just need to ensure i keep fitting into them till end February at least. A wedding in the family makes you feel this way, yes. 

Went to awesome stationery store and bought lots of paint supplies. Now if only i could focus on one idea in my head i'll be good to go. 

Got some work done. Now if only others would get their work done too i could die happy.

Spent a lot of time standing around, looking at the plants on my terrace and talking to them under my breath. Also stood around while the motherinlaw re-potted some and generally made her way around them. Why? Because if i touch them they'll die. Really. They always do. 

Have eaten more healthy food in the last week than i have in the month before that. The inlaws are obsessed about food like that. And no. Not fun healthy food. Boring healthy food. Sigh. 

Also have gone to malls more in the last week than i have in the month before that. The inlaws are obsessed about malls like that. 

Signed up for Secret Santa on Twitter and when i learnt whom i was playing Santa to, i quite literally jumped off my chair. And now i'm using up every brain cell i own trying to figure out the perfect gift. Not an easy task. 

Tried making besan laddoos, nani-style. Not bad for a first time. Of course, the grandmother is thrilled to tears. Though, she might be happier if i got pregnant and had a positive answer to her standard question of *any news?*

Oh and i finally went for a walk today. Let's see if i manage to do so tomorrow. 

I think that's all i managed to do last week. I'm hoping for a better next week. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Say Three

Post dated: 2nd December 2011.

Three years.

Of sleeping on the left side of the bed.
Of navigating from the passenger seat.
Of deciding lunch and dinner menus.
Of making watery maggi.
Of never having to look anywhere else for tech-support.
Of fighting over chocolate cake every single time.
Of explaining why cushions are important for the living room.
Of always having someone to talk to at parties.
Of trips to Shimla.
Of fighting over bandwidth and download limits.
Of rolling my eyes every time I buy apples because a lecture goes with it. Every time.
Of inside jokes.
Of not being in Bombay.
Of getting flowers whenever I come back home. Or even when I’m at home.
Of having late night ice-cream cravings fulfilled.
Of getting science lessons at the drop of a hat.
Of trunks.
Of being told I need to learn how to change a car tire and then not being allowed to do it.
Of sharing gossip in the car ride home after parties.
Of not having to explain how I want my drink.
Of relearning the meaning of hot and cold as pertaining to the water and weather.
Of understanding that a man can never have too many gadgets. Or wires.
Of being made aware of the fact that there is nothing like too much gaming.
Of finally learning that primary colours are all that he’ll ever recognize.

Three years. And we’re just getting started.