Saturday, May 19, 2007

To Shop or Not to Shop?

Shopping. One woman's food. My Poison.

I hate it. Ok, maybe not hate it, but definitely dont understand the funda of strolling around the same store a hundred times hoping that the price tags will reduce by some divine miracle by the time you come around to that one shirt you liked and which you think is grossly overpriced. If you like it you buy it. Period. What is the point in hoohaa-ing over a couple of hundred rupees when, if you dont get what you want, you'll be spending the rest of the day lamenting over what you didnt buy??!

This venting of mine stems from having spent an almost entire day with an aunt in one of the biggest malls in the city. Actually, i spent most of it hanging around outside the designer stores looking over the railing onto people doing wierd activities in the mall (note: why do people believe that screaming into a microphone and laughing in a cackling sort of manner means entertainment??) This mall we went to, has roughly about a hundred stores in it, varying in everything from size, consumer products and price range. So you'll find a store that says, on big yellow labels, XYZ price Rs.500/- OUR PRICE Rs.450/-, and then you'll find stores in which you need a magnifying glass to read the very large number printed in a discreet manner on very unostentatious tags. Sobasically, its safe to assume that there is everything for everyone in some one or the other store there.
But then it is said that when you assume, you just make an ass of u and me! My aunt just proved me to be an ass. Im still reeling from the fact that one can spend nearly 4 hours in just 2 stores, and then exit carrying 2 bags, light bags at that, holding one shirt each!!!! AAARGGHHHH! I mean if you do have to spend extended periods of time under the guise of shopping atleast have something to show for it, something that doesnt make your family wonder what happened here.All that you really have to show at the end is a pair of extremely tired feet, that seem like they are going to die and fall off any moment!
Conclusion: Never go shopping with someone who doesnt know the concept of a 'list'. Or better yet, give them cab fare and a road map of the city!!!