Sunday, July 8, 2007

Name Of The Game

Im writing this as the Wimbeldon Men's final proceeds. Not to say that im not watching the game. Im merely making use of the time Nadal gets his knee fixed in. And ok, so im smiling a bit at the thought of Nadal with an injured knee in a crucial match against Federer!! i did a few 'balle balle' movements when time out was called. So sue me.

I love Federer. I dislike Nadal. Not that he has done anything to deserve it except beat Federer a couple of times (and Nadal fans reading this, please dont give me stats on how many times he has done it and where and when and the exact score. Im really not interested)

This post is not about Nadal bashing. And as much as i would like to, its not about Federer either.

Its simply about how players become so much more than the game itself. In the beginning it is the game that defines the player(s). Give it time and brilliance, and its the players that define the game. People watch the game not for love of the game anymore, but for the love/admiration/awe/anything you want it to be, of the player(s).

I mean, my sister and i sat and watched about 6 straight hours of tennis, not because we eat and drink and breathe tennis. But because we wanted to watch the players playing those games. We rooted for the underdog. We cheered when 'our' player scored a point. We 'oohed' and 'aahed' when the ball was sent into the net. We sat and watched so much tennis because the final match had Federer vs. Nadal ( much as i dont want this to become about them, it comes around to that....!!)

What i want to say is that a game is only as interesting as its players are.
And since i really just wanted to express this, i'll end this here!

Ps: Federer won!!! yay!!!!!